Hello there…

We are Cherie and Ian,

Nodes Head – Western Austraila

And this is our fur baby Alf.

A kiss from Alf.

We decided to create Parfect Days to share our own experiences of seeing our beautiful planet. Hopefully offering help and advice to weekend breakers, holiday goers, fellow explorers or to those that are still dreaming of seeing the world.

We have been travelling on and off since 2010 and we have been trying to touch on as many shores as we can ever since.  From exploring Australia and Europe on 4 wheels to backpacking around South East Asia, India and South America.

Our dream is to be able to explore the world, full time sometimes with only two of us but as much as we can with our little man Alf the dog.

Here is Alf, enjoying a visit to the ‘Valley of the Temples’ Sicily

Our thoughts on travelling…

Lots of people may think that travelling is easy and stress free and people do it because they are lazy…

This is far from the truth!  Travelling can be extremely stressful.  You are trying to get from A to B to Z sometimes with very little money in countries where they do not speak your language, have different beliefs, different food, its hot and you do not always know where you are going.  And to make it harder on ourselves we are extremely disorganised!!!…

Don’t get us wrong, travelling is absolutely amazing and we love it, most of the time.  Turn all those scary things into positives and you get to see some pretty awesome places, meet incredible people and learn so much about the world we live in.

Whilst travelling our beautiful planet, we have sadly seen a lot of the environmental impact, us, as humans have!  One main example is plastic.  You have all seen Blue Planet, right?   So, to try and do our part , Ian and I have swapped all the plastic in our bathroom for bars, yes , shampoo can come in a bar.  I make our sunscreen and moisturisers that are not only plastic free, they are chemical free too! We set ourselves a plastic challenge when we shop and we have become vegans.

We will tell you about the changes we have made and the places we have been to and will try to give advice if we can.

We really do hope you enjoy reading xxx

Let's make them happen…