Northwest Albania – Albanian Hospitality

Date of Travel: 5th October 2018

Following on from our Northern Albanian road trip – please click here if you haven’t read Northern Albanian – Road Trip

Whilst chilling on the long sandy beach of Kune-Vain-Tale Reserve, a young guy (Ndue) and his Mum (Bardhe) came over to speak to us.  Ndue spoke fluent English and translated for Bardhe as she spoke none.  They invited us over to their house for the evening as they wanted us to experience Albanian hospitality.

Sandy beach as far as the eye can see…

We were very grateful, as we had a fantastic time, hearing all about how Albania has changed over the last 20 years.  Whilst feasting on home made wine, goats cheese, bread, jam, vegetables and in fact everything we eat and drank were all grown in their garden.

Yummy vegetables growing in their garden.

They even made their own Raki, which was incredibly strong at almost 60%.

Ian, Ndue and Bardhe with the super strong Raki.

Bardhe thought it was funny that we could not drink much.

See, I told you it was strong…

The following day Ndue became our local tour guide and took us out site seeing.  We went to a town called Lezhë, had a coffee along the river and then went up the hill to see Lezhë Castle  and its view of the Lezhë.

Atop, Lezhë Castle

We then headed north along the coast to see the Thrown Sand at Rana e Hedhun at Shengjin Beach.

A beautiful, long sandy beach, where a mountain meets the beach and has deep sand half way up it.  Ndue tells us that in summer a slide with water is put here and people slide really fast down it, crazy aye…


It’s a lot steeper than it looks….
See, I told you it was steep…
The climb was well worth it…

We said our goodbyes to Ndue and headed south…

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