Sicily – Our Thoughts

On top of the world.

​Marmite, it’s as simple as that…

It really creates a mix of opinions…

Some people love it and some just do not understand it…

Everyone is entitled to their opinion but hopefully after reading this, you will give it a go and make your own decision.

On paper Sicily is paradise. Situated as the ball of the Italian boot, in the southern Mediterranean with a climate to die for. Endless sandy beaches, turquoise bays and history that is only comparable to Rome. So your asking? “why doesn’t everybody get it?” Is it because Sicily is very different to mainland Italy or the fact it’s very different to anywhere else in Europe? To be honest, we think at times it was comparable to India, yes India! It certainly had similarity’s to us. It’s very random, people do strange things, nothing is logical like elsewhere in Europe. Signs will send you in a maze of one way streets and dead ends without any kind of notice.  Go with the crazy flow of it all and embrace this unique island in all its scattered glory.

Sicilian diversion!!??

But once you embrace all these characters and settle into their way of doing things, you will be rewarded with some of the most hospitably friendly people and wonderful destinations in the World.

Told you they were friendly – lunch in a local families home.

So there you have it paradise!! Right?…

Before you start packing the sunscreen, shorts and your travellers guide (please see ours) there are some negatives that might make you think twice about whether it is the paradise island we have just described.

Most people who travel Europe’s beautiful shores wouldn’t expect to see much litter on its unspoiled beaches, in its towns or maybe at least its been kept to a minimum. This is where Sicily does let its self down. They have a major problem managing their waste. Not in the main tourist destinations, these are impeccably clean, to what you would expect of Italian standards. But it is outside of the main hotspots, where you discover the problems they have. Speaking to the locals they all seem to blame it on the council, accusing them of pocketing the money for a service, that they do not provide. The bins are over flowing, which proves people are using them. This is very sad for the locals, who not only have to live with this but also know that it may stop tourists falling in love with their paradise. Also, Sicily is placed in the Mediterranean near Africa and it gets currents which can one day wash rubbish onto the beach and the next day it’s completely clean. We witnessed this on a few occasions, please, like us, make an effort to collect the rubbish before it gets washed back into the ocean.

The only way to see Sicily in my opinion is by motorhome, camper, or a well prepared trip with  lots of stops all around the island. Because the island is so big and the attractions are found even in the furthest corners, going on a short trip and hiring a car for the day will leave you with a disappointed feeling.  If you only have a short amount of time, stick to the tourist places like Toarmina or Cefalu which are beautiful holiday destinations in themselves.

You need to commit time to Sicily, travelling from one destination to another. By not rushing, you will discover the lovable Sicilians and the unique flavour that this wonderful island has to offer. If you don’t speak Italian then you will need too here, so learn a few phases before you go, the locals will appreciate it.

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