Koh Lipe – Doing It’s Part For Our Planet

We were super impressed with how clean and environmentally conscious Koh Lipe is and how the locals are making changes to help maintain their beautiful paradise island.

Is it our job as tourists to help them keep it this way, as none of us would want to visit if the place was filthy.

Here are some of the things that they are doing:

Don’t be  flushing any toilet paper….


Better still, Don’t be using any toilet paper at all….

“Oh no, what do we do” we hear you cry….

Introducing “The BUM GUN” 


Is this a delivery of water or plastic bottles??..

You really do not need to buy single use plastic bottles when you can buy one of these…


And you definitely do not need to use these…

OR, these….

A few other things, you should and shouldn’t do….

Thank you very much to the wonderful people of Koh Lipe for caring and sharing their beautiful island….


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