Prague – Our Winter Break 2019

Date of travel: 20th – 23rd January 2019

Prague the incredible city…

With its expansive old town offering you spires and bridges, squares and alleyways, castles and cathedral’s, everywhere you look the gothic architect is casting its spell on you. So don’t be afraid and embrace this magical city. If your thinking of a weekend break then the Czech capital will not only satisfy but will draw you back time after time.

We visited Prague in January, it was extremely cold, about -3 in the day and -6 at night. We spent a lot of our time wandering around the old town, this is where you will find the astonishing astronomical clock.

Be sure to watch as the hour strikes.

There are plenty of cafes, bars and restaurants to grab a drink to warm up or a beer or two.

One even has a husbands day care…

Public transport is very easy to navigate and cheap to use. You just need one ticket that can be used on the trams, underground and buses. Avoid taxis as they seriously over charge, we used Uber to get around late at night when we were just too cold. In the day we mainly used the trams as these take you all around the beautiful city. We also did a open top bus tour with head phones in all languages, this was very interesting.

Read on to see what we got up too….

Vytopna Train Restaurant

This is a quirky restaurant where your drinks are brought to your table by a train. Yes a train, there is a miniature railway line running from the bar to your table. You have to be quick as you just have 15 seconds to get your drink from the carriage before it speeds off.

Choo choo

Stroll across Charles bridge

There are many bridges across the river Vltava but Charles bridge has to be the most famous.

The stunning Charles Bridge.

Prague Castle

Incredible, this really is impressive and absolutely huge.

It really is huge and this is just one building…

Be sure to allow plenty of time to wander.

The detail is incredible.

Restaurant Peklo

Have a tasty gourmet lunch or dinner in side a cave.

Boat and Dinner Cruise

We went on a brilliant 3 hour dinner cruise up the river Vytopona we booked this with Get Your Guide. This is a fantastic way to see the sights of the city by night, the buffet dinner was delicious and the live music was very good.

Speculum Alchemiae

Museum tour of ancient secret medicines. Can you spot the secret door?…

Ghost, legends and dungeon tour

Unfortunately, we did not enjoy this as much as we hoped, if I’m honest it was not worth the money.

Zizkov Television Tower

On our last day we went to the TV tower for lunch with spectacular views over Prague. Despite being voted number 2 for the ugliest building in Europe it is very slick and modern inside and prices are not too bad.

We guess you hate it or you love it…

Medieval Tavern

To celebrate our last night we went to a Medieval night, which was absolutely brilliant. You can choose between an all you can eat meat, fish or vegetarian option as well as unlimited drinks of beer or wine. Prosecco drinkers do not panic, you can buy sparkling wine. The staff were on the ball and as soon as you were close to finishing your drink or food, they were ready to get you more.
As for the entertainment, it was awesome. With a belly dancer, fire eating and juggling, sword fighting – what more could you want?…

Feeling hot, hot, hot…

We all fell in love with the enchanting city of Prague and whether you are on a weekend break or a week holiday you will not be disappointed…

Enjoy xx