Albania – 13 Must Do’s!! Because, we couldn’t stop at 10…

How can you not love, this?…

We fell in love with Albania and its simple to see why, it is such a beautiful country, with wonderful people. There’s breathtaking beauty around every bend, the mountain drives will give you everything. River side and high cliff hugging roads that take you through local villages and display the endless vistas beyond. 

One word – Beautiful…

We travelled from North to South in our Motorhome (Doris) with our dog (Alf) for 19 days from 1st – 19th October 2018.  Considering the time of the year the weather was absolutely  brilliant making it a Parfect autumn holiday destination.

Here are 13 things that we think, you MUST do whilst in Albania…

These are in order from North to South to make it easier to plan your travels.

Yet, another spectular view.

1.) Shkodër Lake

It would be easy to think, that you were looking out at sea…

Be sure to visit the largest lake in southern Europe, that stretches all way to Montenegro.

2.) Lake Koman

All aboard…

Hop on the local ferry and travel with the locals as they go about their daily lives. Whilst gazing at the mountains as they dramatically enter the water.  This unique trip is one not to be missed!!

Alf, taking in the views of Koman Lake.

3.) Valbona National Park

Ian & Alf, stretching their legs.

Once you have finished your Lake Koman trip head for the spectacular Valbona Nation Park. Here is a Mecca for trekkers high up in the Albanian lush green mountains.

4.) Thrown Sand at Rana e Hedhun at Shengjin Beach

Alf, waiting for me to make the steep climb…

This really is something special and if you have the energy, climb up for spectacular views. The slide down is great fun too.

5.) Vlore

Vlore at sunset.

Visit the beautiful seaside town of Vlore, with its long stretch of sandy beach and newly developed promenade.

6.) Barat

Barat, the city of windows.

Barat, a beautiful city on the river Osum with a castle high on the hilltops, be sure to spend a whole day and night here.

7.)  Gjirokastër

Gjirokastër Castle.

Take in some history with a visit to the splendid Ottoman UNESCO old town and Gjirokastër castle. The castle is still used to this day for concerts.

8.) The Blue Eye

Beautiful colours.

A stunning natural spring.

9.) Ksamil 

Couldn’t resist a selfie.

Ksamil, wow, what can I say ? A little piece of absolute paradise!!…

10.) Kayak

We made it…

Spend the day kayaking around the beautiful islands of Ksamil and a day to kayak to the incredible Butrint national park.

11.) Butrint

Once, the 1st line of defense.

 Butrint a prehistoric UNESCO world heritage archaeology site, the biggest not only in Albania but all the Balkans.

Amphitheatre in Butrint.

12.) Explore on 4 wheels, or 2…

Doris flying high, in Albania

It is the only way to get off the beaten track and see the real Albania.

(If you haven’t got wheels, Albania is still a fantastic holiday destination).

View from our home, oh the joys of Moho life…

13.) Get to know the locals


Hospitality at its very best.

We found that Albanian’s were incredible welcoming and extremely kind and always had time for us.  We were even invite into their home.  To read more about the locals we met, please read: Northwest Albania – Albanian Hospitality

Plus, you get your very own local tour guide and a friend for life.

Ndue whng us a tour around Lezhë.


It was really, really hard to name just a few things to do in Albania as it really is an amazing country full off natural beauty and history.

If, I was you, I’d get there quick before it gets too discovered…

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  1. Amazing! I am so Proud of you both
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